Who will fix my power lines if there is an outage?
The utility (BGE, PEPCO, Delmarva Power, Allegheny) will always be responsible for repairing downed utility lines.
Are you accepting any new customers outside of MD?
No, we are accepting customers in the BGE, PEPCO, Allegheny Power, and Delmarva Power areas of Maryland only. We recommend Direct Energy's website for residents outside of Maryland.

What is your rate? When will they change?
Fundraising rates are:

Utility Utillity Term Posted Utility
Savings vs
Energy 12 Mo. Rate
BGE 6/12 thru 5/13
Avg Rate: $.09246
PEPCO 6/12 thru 5/13
Avg Rate: $.0870 5.2% $.0825
POT ED/ALLEGH 6/12 thru 5/13
Avg Rate:$.06021 2.2% $.0589

6/12 thru 5/13

Avg Rate: $.0889

What are the utilties' rates and other suppliers' competing rates?
The Maryland office of the People's Counsel maintains a list of utility rates and competing suppliers' rates here:
Is there any early termination fee?
There is no early termination fee.
When does it become effective?
After you enroll with Direct Energy the switch becomes effective on the meter read date that your supplier is changed to Direct Energy by your utility.  You will then receive a Welcome Letter from Direct Energy.
Is there a contract? If so, what is the length of the contract? What if I move or close my utility account?
Yes. You will need to enter into a contract with Direct Energy for your supply service to receive the rate we are offering. You can leave at any time with no cancellation fee.
What other benefits can I receive by signing up with you?
AER helps fundraisers achieve their goals by offering their members a low rate and no cancellation fee.
Is there a deposit or sign up fee? Or any other fees?
There is no sign-up fee and no deposit. No other fees.
Will I be billed by the supplier or by the electric company?
Will I receive two separate bills or one combined bill?

You will continue to receive the same utility bill from BGE, PEPCO, Allegheny Power, or Delmarva Power.